We expect and encourage all the concerned parties associated with the journal to abide by the following norms:

All published materials-articles, poems, art, paintings must contain appropriate attribution of authorship.
Since we follow an online mode, it is the sole responsibility of the corresponding contributors to ensure integrity of publication ethics by complying with the following rules:
 That the submitted material is original.
 That there should not be any conflict of interest.
 Nothing should be copied in any form without proper acknowledgment.
 The journal will not remain responsible for any kind of copyright violation.
 Nothing defamatory to any person, place or institution in the write-ups shall be considered for publication.
 Drawing/Painting submissions have to be original and shall only be uploaded after a thorough review of their authenticity.
 The Editorial Board shall have the right to reject any contribution, if it is not found up to the mark.
 The professional independence of the members of the Editorial Board is strictly maintained by the publisher.

 All contributors are requested to follow the guidelines mentioned below:
 This e-journal is of a continuous nature.
 The write-ups should be sent to the specified email id.
 The maximum word limit for any write-up is 1000 words.
 All write ups should be submitted in a digital format and hard copies or scanned copies of handwritten manuscripts shall not be ntertained.
 Contributions should be in the form of articles, poetry, short stories, paintings, posters, doodles, cartoons or other similar creative formats.
 All write-ups must be typed out in MS Word in Times New Roman font with Font size 12.

 In case of paintings and other art/drawing, contributors have to submit properly edited pictures of their handiwork in jpg, jpeg or png formats. (Digital art submissions are encouraged)

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